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Best Affordable Teledentistry Consultations, NYC

If there is ‪one thing that Dr. Sharde Harvey, D.D.S.‬ believes in − it’s the power of technology to continuously innovate the treatment she provides to her dental patients.

Today, thanks to an emerging technology and advancements in dentistry Dr. Harvey is able to diagnose her patients virtually!

“So what is Teledentistry?” you will ask. Think of it as a Facetime appointment with your treating dentist. You no longer need to leave the comfort of your home or try to squeeze in a dental visit into your busy schedules in order to see your dentist.

Virtual Consultations are proven to:

  • Be more affordable than in office dentistry
  • Improve the overall oral health of the patients
  • Help fearful patients take the first steps to finding a dentist
  • Better facilitate the process of diagnosis, pre-authorizations, and medical clearances
  • Align with today’s patients’ needs for modern forms of communication

In order to make dentistry affordable for everyone, you are now able to schedule a virtual consultation with Dr. Harvey for only $29.99.

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