Upper East Dental Innovations

Best Sedation Dentistry Midtown, NYC

"Best affordable Sedation Dentistry Upper East Side, NYC"
Best affordable Sedation Dentistry Upper East Side, NYC

Dental Anxiety Put To Rest

Thanks to sedation dentistry, there is no reason to feel anxious at Upper East Dental Innovations. Let us know if you have dental anxiety so that we may prepare for your visit accordingly. For many people, the actual procedure is not uncomfortable but it is the anxiety and worry that causes angst. With this in mind, we often prescribe an oral sedative or laughing gas. While this is not a painkiller, it eases the fear and relaxes the body so that you can remain peaceful while having teeth cleaned, or dental work performed. While the dosage may vary, laughing gas can be used on both children and adults so that all of our New York patients can remain comfortable.

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